April 22, 2020

VIP Programs, Loyalty Programs, and Comps at Online Casinos

Jean-Paul Uwizeye
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With the migration of casinos to the online environment, the competition between casinos has increased. Thus, the casinos try through different temptations to attract players and turn them into loyal customers. 

VIP Programs, Loyalty Programs, and Comps at Online Casinos

Every prestigious casino strives to delight its customers with different kinds of rewards and goodies. If the welcome packages and various bonuses granted to players are meant to attract players to the online casino, promotions, and loyalty programs are intended to turn bettors into loyal customers. 

Thus, the prestigious casinos compete in offers and rewards granted to the players. However, these prizes are awarded according to specific criteria.

Conditions for Granting Loyalty Points

Each casino has its policy. However, common to all casinos is the fact that to keep their customers, they must cultivate a reward program. Thus, almost all casinos grant players with an active account the opportunity to accumulate points. Therefore, any player is eligible to receive these points. However, there are significant differences in receiving points. 

Thus, depending on the budget allocated by the players and the value of the bets, they are classified into different categories, such as Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, etc. Therefore, a player who has a higher rank and wager more money can receive a higher percentage of points.

How to Earn Loyalty Points

Generally, depending on the casino policy, the points can be awarded as a result of placing bets on the entire gaming section of the casino. Thus, the points can be won through bets in the live section of the casino, in the slot section, or sports, virtual, or lottery bets.

However, the easiest way to get numerous comps is through slots. All points granted to players are offered as a result of the wager made by them and the bets placed within the various betting sections. The higher the amount of real money the player wager, the more points he receives.

What Can Be Done with Loyalty Points

All the casinos that offer comps to the bettors have a dedicated section. In this section, players can see the value of the accumulated points as well as the options available for them. Depending on the casino, these points can be converted into real money, free spins, or other gifts. 

If the comps are not converted into real money, all other options, such as free spins or bonus money, imply certain conditions. Thus, if the loyalty points are exchanged for virtual credit or free spins, the resulting winnings are subject to certain wagering conditions to be converted into real cash.

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