October 12, 2020

Online Roulette: Martingale Strategy

Jean-Paul Uwizeye
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Martingale Strategy

The Martingale strategy is not a modern approach in the casino gambling sphere as it has been in place for several hundred years, Online casino has adopted this strategy and its potency. Martingale strategy is as old as the Roulette casino itself which is as far back as the eighteenth century in France. Martingale strategy was a tactic that widely used in the 50/50 'Head or Tail' game. It is a strategy that requires some mathematical proficiency, but it is not completely down to that. The Martingale strategy is a progressive gambling system used by gamers to double their stakes after a loss. This technique is reinforced by the sense that a losing streak cannot endure indefinitely, and all defeats are regenerated with a forthcoming victory. The concept behind it is clear in a brief. After each loss, you have to simply raise your bet to a double of the previous loss. Effectively, the moment you win, your lost funds will be recouped then you can go back to the minimum starting amount.

Online Roulette: Martingale Strategy

Application of Martingale Strategy

Right off the bat, you should be wagering on Outside Bets, these are the bet types give 50 per cent chance of winning hence, you should be adopting Martingale Technique, it is dope! The only way to execute the Martingale strategy in a tested and most profitable situation is to bet on the even market otherwise known as outside bets. Here, we talk about The Low~1-18, High~19-36, Red or Black, and Even or Odd. You have a winning chance of 1:1 with the Outside Bets.

Martingale Strategy – The Act of Playing Safe

The gamer must be thorough enough to retain the same bets throughout all rounds intended to employ the Martingale Strategy. A further simple example is if you bet on "Odd Number," make sure you double your last bet loss, as each round continues until a winner emerges somewhere as you progress. To start the game , make sure you bet with the minimum amount so you can have large spread to accommodate an extended losing streak, typically, go with the table minimum bet amount. You should double the next round if the initial bet is lost. You will have to continue doubling your loss until you finally win a round which would return all your losses if you stuck with your gun.


If the table Minimum Bet is set at $2 for this example. Now let use a worse scenario where you suffer a losing run. If you lost your first bet of $2, double your next stake to $4 (2nd bet). if you lose it, double the before stake $8 (3rd bet. Then let's say that it was lost again, double it to $16 (4th bet), If after this you earn your first win it will replenish your losses completely provided you do not bulge to the pressure of altering the flow. Thereafter, revert to the first bet of $2 (initial bet).

Version of Martingale Strategy

  • Grand Martingale Betting Strategy
  • Reverse Martingale Betting Strategy

1. Grand Martingale Betting Strategy:

This is a normal example of what as it has been established so far. It establishes the simple rules where a player is to perpetually double his bet until a winning outcome is registered after each loss. So, the player returns at every win to the basic initial betting amount, on and on like that.

2. Reverse Martingale Betting Strategy:

It's just the reverse of the Grand Martingale Strategy. This Reverse Martingale ensures that a player will double his bet continually with every win until only a loss is registered then the gamer will return to the base with the minimum bet one more time.

In Conclusion

As several other techniques out there, the Martingale approach in the betting system is mathematical and tempting, so cautiously while you adopted the strategy. You should always note that no player has unlimited resources to gamble with in an online Roulette game. The stra tegy embraces that at each turn you double your loss, drilling an incremental hole into your pocket and it this lingers longer before a win comes, it can be deadly.

This is a huge strategy, but nothing is guaranteed like every gambling tactic. Therefore, keep an attentive mind and think careful brain.

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