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MelbetResponsible Gambling
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High Odds
Wide Range of Sports
Great bonuses on offer
Live bets on sports
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Responsible Gaming

Responsible Gaming

When it comes to gaming, Melbet is all about encouraging ethical behavior. Melbet is committed to ensuring that its users have a positive and secure gaming experience. Thanks to the casino's dedication to player protection and ethical betting, it’s a popular go-to place for those seeking just such conditions.

The first step you can take is to control the amount of money you deposit to your account. Melbet allows you to set daily, weekly, and monthly deposit limits to your account. Once you reach the amount you will not be able to make a new deposit.

Rules for Responsible Gambling

Rules for Responsible Gambling

There are certain rules that you need to be aware of when it comes to online gambling. We are sure that if you abide by these rules you will not have any issues in the long run:

  • Always gamble for entertainment purposes.
  • Always treat the money you lose as a down payment for all the fun you had playing.
  • Always set a deposit limit and stick to it.
  • Always set a time limit and stick to it.
  • Be aware that it is possible to lose when you play online casino games.
  • Avoid using your credit card to deposit funds to your casino account.
  • Spend time with your family and friends and create balance in your life.
  • Don’t increase your wager to make up for the money you have lost.
  • Don’t use gambling as a way to cope with stressful life.
  • Learn about problem gambling and the consequences.
How problem gambling affects your life?

How problem gambling affects your life?

Gambling addiction, just like any other addiction, has a dual effect and affects the life of the individual and their closest family and friends.

In the beginning, the individual is affected by this problem and in most cases, the person feels guilt and mood changes. Once the problem starts causing financial troubles, this is when everyone around the individual starts to feel the negative effects gambling can bring.

Once the money dries up and you try to juggle between paying living costs and trying to continue a gambling habit you start involving other people in your mess. So, whether you decide to borrow or steal money you start involving more and more people in your problem. As you can see this is a vicious circle with no way out.

If you know someone who is dealing with gambling addiction, the best way is to cut those people off. But in reality that is not possible, because usually these people are loved once and you are probably going to do everything possible to help them out. Let's see one more time what are the problems that gambling addiction can cause and how they affect the person:

  • Problem gamblers can't control their emotions – Usually, when you lose control over your gambling, this can cause subtle changs in your mood while trying to address the issue.
  • Problem gamblers feel deception and guilt – When players realize they have a problem they will try to hide it from their closest ones. This opens a whole new world of lying to the family that leads up to building up guilt.
  • Problem gamblers feel frustration and anger – When you are unable to control your gambling habit and you continue to lie to your loved ones usually results in hitting out to your closest ones.
  • Problem gamblers always need money – Let's face it, gambling is an expensive form of entertainment. You can win big when you gamble but there is always the option that you can lose big too.
How to Fight Problem Gambling

How to Fight Problem Gambling

Unfortunately, we can't say that there is one solution to this problem. Gambling addiction is a complex issue and it needs to be addressed according to the individual. There is no one simple formula that you can follow and recover from this problem. For that reason we will go over some simple solutions that you can incorporate:

  • Learn the signs of problem gambling – Gambling addiction, just like any other addiction doesn't show clear signs at the beginning. You usually find out that you have a problem when things start to get out of control. For that reason, we advise any player to learn about gambling addiction even before they start playing for real money at a casino. When you know what the signs of problem gambling are, you can easily spot them when they first start to appear and you can fight them successfully.
  • Understand how gambling works – You will need to understand the nature of gambling and how it works. A very important thing you need to understand is that you will not always win when you play online casino games. Almost all the games at the casino, besides table games, are run by a Random Number Generator. This means, the outcome of every spin, every round is random and you can't do anything to influence the outcome of a certain game. It is a fact, things will go your way sometimes, but other times they will not, and that is pure chance.
  • Learn how to manage your money – Never spend more than you can afford, this is a mantra that applies to anything in life, not just gambling. If you follow this simple rule, trust us, you will have things in your control all the time.
  • Let Melbet help you – Melbet Casino offers some player protection features that you should utilize. They offer deposit limits, cooling-off periods, and betting limits that will help you in the long run. You should use these features even before a problem arises.
  • Learn some basic skills – Gambling, though it might seem simple, it requires some time to learn the rules of a game you want to play. Once you concentrate on actually learning the game you play, this will be the thing you will focus on, and chasing losses will become a thing of the past.
  • Share your troubles – When you have a gambling problem, the most important thing to do is to share your troubles with someone you trust. They will look at the problem with a clear head and can give you valuable advice.

You can also get in touch with one of the many organizations that will help you in any way possible. You can find them at the following websites: